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Romantic & Inspiring Wedding Ceremonies

  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Medieval
  • Buddhist
  • Blended Ceremonies

Together, we will create a ceremony that will linger in your memory long after the wedding day … from walking down the aisle to that first kiss as husband and wife.  Let’s talk about:

  • Arrival of the bridal party
  • A personal, unique ceremony
  • Giving-away options
  • Inspiring personal vows
  • Special words for the exchange of rings

Plus the other million things associated with your ceremony:

  • How to carry your bouquet
  • The processional walk
  • Lowering and lifting the blusher (veil)
  • Music to suit your ceremony
  • Everything from what to do and when to do it

Involving Others In Your Wedding Ceremony

In addition to the bridal party, there are many ways to honour those who are special to you. You may wish to have:

~ someone do a reading you have selected or they may write a unique piece for you
~ someone to pass your rings amongst your guests for their blessings and best wishes
~ a ring bearer
~ someone sing or play an instrument during the ceremony
~ all parents as part of the ‘Giving Away’ ceremony
~ two witnesses who are not in the Bridal party
~ ushers to seat your guests

Many rituals have their roots in ancient traditions and customs, but today they are an aspect of your wedding that will delight your guests and make your wedding ceremony personal and unique. These rituals, which I call ‘Magic Moments’, are also a further way to involve others:

Magic Moments:

~ Medieval Hand-Fasting Ceremony (involves three people)
~ The Rose Ceremony (may include children)
~ Butterfly Release (may involve a number of people)
~ The Sand Ceremony (involves the whole family)
~ Candle Lighting Ceremony (involves the mothers of the Bride & Groom)
~ The Cup Ceremony (involves the Best Man)

Marriage Vows

For this most personal and romantic part of the ceremony, inspire each other with a love letter, saying what it is you love the most and what you promise in return. You may certainly write your own – I encourage you to do so, and I’m here if you need help – or choose from my amazing collection. An example to prompt your creativity:

I ask the persons here present to witness that I ( ) take you ( ) to be my lawful wedded wife. You are my best friend, you already know my heart, my dreams, my desires. You know when I am hurting and how to console me. You light my life with your presence, your warmth and your love. You support and encourage me in everything I do and for this, I will love you and honour you for as long as I live.

I ask the persons here present to witness that I ( ) take you ( ) to be my lawful wedded husband. I cannot imagine my life without you. You astound me. Your belief in me – in us – is resolute, unshakeable, and makes me love you even more if that is possible. I don’t know where life will take us but I do know we will go together, hand in hand, side by side, for as long as life allows.

It is incredible to share in this most amazing moment in time and to embrace pure happiness.

What I Love About You
(Leslie Tye-Parsons)

When asked what it is I love about you, I don’t need to stop and think. I know it instantly. You make me laugh, you gladden my heart, you brighten my day, you make me feel safe, and my heart trusts you.

You listen to me, you believe in me, you care what I think, you treat me with gentleness and honesty, you respect my needs, you give me hope.

You are the beginning and the end of each day, by sunrise and moon, I feel your love.

I am so very happy you came into my life. Quite simply, what I love about you – is you.

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